8 questions and myths in Nutrition appointments (Final)


7. Are fiber supplements a good substitute for those who don’t eat fiber-rich foods?


Fiber is so, but so important – not only to avoid the risk of future pathologies, but to guarantee full intestinal health (and, consequently, the correct supply of nutrients) and also for body weight management. Knowing this, there are many people who struggle to increase fiber consumption, which is why fiber supplements are becoming so popular. Although these supplements can benefit the health of some people because they improve bowel movements, they should never replace real food.


First comes food, then supplementation. Opt for whole foods with a high fiber content, such as vegetables, fruits, legumes, etc.


8. Do eating disorders affect only women?


Many people assume that eating disorders affect only women. In reality, men (both adolescents and adults) are also at risk of being affected.


It is important to be aware that eating disorders have increased significantly in recent years and are different in men and women, being more prevalent in adolescents and young adults. Any suspected eating disorder or body image distortion must be accompanied by a multidisciplinary team, where we also include a nutrition professional specialized in these topics.


It is also known that treatments that fit the male population are needed.






Isabel Pedroso Silva


Nutricionista registada na Ordem dos Nutricionistas (3836N)/ Registered nutritionist in Nutritionists Order (3836N)


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