8 questions and myths in Nutrition appointments (cont.)


3. After all, does the microwave cause cancer or not?


The microwave is one of the most used equipment currently, as it is a practical equipment. Either to heat lunchboxes at work, or to heat the leftovers from the previous day.


My clients’ doubts are always related to “What about radiation? Is it bad for us?". Although there may be a link between radiation and an increased risk of cancer when it is high frequency and there is prolonged exposure, “microwaves" use low frequency radiation for short periods of time. Microwaves work only when the equipment is turned on and the door is closed – so it does not emit radiation constantly.


The advice I give is: ensure the correct cleaning of the microwave and that it is fully functioning. Well-functioning microwaves are considered safe by the World Health Organization, as long as the door closes properly and there is no physical damage.


4. Do I need to drink 2 liters of water a day?


Drinking water is fun-da-men-tal! If there is any advice I am always giving, it is this: drink water!


We lose fluids every day when sweating, urinating and breathing. But how is it possible that each of us – different human beings, whether in age, sex, size, level of physical activity and food – needs 2 liters a day? The answer is: we are not going to generalize. Maria may need 2 liters, but João may need 3.


This number is a general recommendation for the population to follow and increase water consumption. My tip here is: keep drinking water throughout the day. Being thirsty can already be a sign of dehydration.


Isabel Pedroso Silva
Nutricionista registada na Ordem dos Nutricionistas (3836N)/ Registered nutritionist in Nutritionists Order (3836N)
Instagram: @isabelpedrososilva

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