8 questions and myths in Nutrition appointments

We are in the era of an overload of information and the population is increasingly being asked to use their the critical eye. As a Nutritionist, I can say that there is a lot of false information going around the internet.


One by one, we will try to understand what are the most common doubts that have appeared lately, not only in consultation, but also on social networks. Are you ready?


This week we’ll start with 2 myths:


1. Ah, our superheroes… The superfoods.


The superhero myth that heals everything. Or should I say one of the biggest marketing schemes of recent times?


Most of these so-called “superfoods” are very healthy products, which should be included in a balanced diet. Many of them even daily! But the word “superfood" often implies a magical food that can act positively on some pathology or health condition.


Wrong! There is no food with this ability. The secret here is to try to vary the diet as much as possible and include more real foods in our daily lives, in order to guarantee the necessary supply of micronutrients.


2. Is sugar (or salt) the biggest problem in today’s diet?


No single nutrient or ingredient is the cause of anything. When we refer to a certain health condition, the cause ranges from food in general (and not a specific food) to the person’s lifestyle and habits. We live in an environment where ultra-processed, palatable and inexpensive products are available in all corners.


The big problem and what we see in society is the daily consumption of these food products and the low consumption of real foods, with no ingredient list or few ingredients. I refer to the daily abundance of vegetables, fruits, eggs, fish, meat, legumes, oilseeds…



Isabel Pedroso Silva
Nutricionista registada na Ordem dos Nutricionistas (3836N)/ Registered nutritionist in Nutritionists Order (3836N)
Instagram: @isabelpedrososilva

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