Food planning tips to avoid waste (Part II)

Here are my top 6 tips for saving time and energy and avoiding waste when it comes to weekly planning:

1. Let’s start at the supermarket


The main tip is: to ensure a correct supply of nutrients diversify the food you eat and the commercial surfaces where you buy these foods. Of course, if you can go to a local grocery store, so much the better, but never forget to be efficient and avoid the busy hours.


2. Has a list of recipes for the week


Some prefer to prepare 3 to 4 recipes for the whole week, and some prefer to prepare several foods in large quantities and make different combinations each day. Whatever the strategy, without a meal plan, we often buy an endless amount of completely unnecessary food and ingredients. To avoid this food waste and wasted time, I always advise you to waste about 15 minutes and write a short list of what we want to do that week.


3. Learn to organize food at home


Golden rule: products with a shorter expiration date come forward. In addition, removing food from packaging when it arrives at home and keeping it in its own containers can help in the organization. With regard to preservation in the refrigerator, there are some recommendations to take into account, for example, perishable foods must be on the upper shelves, fruits and vegetables on the lower ones, and products that can withstand temperature changes in the door area.


4. Use multitasking in the kitchen


It is not news to anyone that I am not a fan of the kitchen, so whatever I can do to reduce my cooking time I will definitely do. If I have eggs and rice to cook on the stove, I take advantage of the fact that the oven is free and put some vegetables cut with spices and some sliced potatoes to roast simultaneously. In the meantime, I can use the blender and prepare a humus for my snacks. Use your time wisely to get out of the kitchen quickly!


5. If you don’t have fun, you won’t want to repeat this every week…


Put on a song. Light a candle. Listen to a podcast. Invite a friend or even the kids at home! But please, don’t make those 2 hours a week in the kitchen boring. Even knowing that it is a valuable help to not always be cooking during the week, obviously you will not want to repeat this process if you associate it with an arduous task. Have fun!


6. Attention to leftovers


Didn’t you manage to finish the whole dish? There is no harm. You don’t need to exceed your satiety limit, but you also don’t have to throw away food. Save it for the next day or use these leftovers to bring a new dish to life. For example, if you roast something in the oven, why not use these “leftovers” to make a quick stir fry with various spices?

I often say that there are no rules about food. Do what you feel is necessary and learn to listen to your body to know what works for you. Whatever strategy you use to organize your food at home, remember that sustainability and concern for the mother house – planet Earth – is up to us all. Every little step you can take, take.


1% is enough and can make a difference.
Isabel Pedroso Silva
Nutricionista registada na Ordem dos Nutricionistas (3836N)/ Registered nutritionist in Nutritionists Order (3836N)
Instagram: @isabelpedrososilva

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