Food planning tips to avoid waste (Part I)

Reducing food waste can be quite simple, like buying less food products weekly, because we know that the pantry is already full enough with bulk food (for example), making our shopping trips more efficient and not an abrupt buying moment. and meaningless. But food waste can also be avoided by having a good weekly meal planning.
Planning meals is not just to improve our diet, as individuals, and try to be – at least – healthier. It is a valid strategy to avoid food waste.
What we do in meal planning is, quite simply, to prepare the food for the week ahead in order to:
– save money and time lost in the kitchen;
– reduce the fatigue associated with the decision “what am I going to eat today?”;
– encourage the preparation of new recipes and / or vary the diet;
– give freedom to do other activities that give us pleasure during the week.
The obstacle here is when we associate meal planning with a rigid task that involves motivation and focus.
What if I say that neither of this is required?
Once again, just put the “all or nothing” and perfectionism mentality away, learning techniques and tips to make the whole process easier.
It is never too much to remember that it takes practice to make this whole process something fluid, but, like everything else in life, the important thing is to start and train this new habit until it becomes almost natural.
In the next article I will mention 6 tips for you to save time and energy in the kitchen and also to avoid waste.
See you soon!
Isabel Pedroso Silva
Nutricionista registada na Ordem dos Nutricionistas (3836N)/ Registered nutritionist in Nutritionists Order (3836N)
Instagram: @isabelpedrososilva

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