Beatriz Martins, Agro-Naba (Agri-Silly)

My name is Beatriz, I am 23 years old and I have a backyard in my hands for the first time! I am the one proudly behind the recent Instagram page, Agro-Naba (Agri-Silly)!


I created this page, which is so dear to me, because I felt that my passion for plants and for improving my yard was, in a way, misunderstood, both when I posted it on my personal page and did not receive feedback, as when I told my friends. My friends asked me “but why?", as if it were a punishment for me. They didn’t realize that it was just something that I really wanted to do and that made me feel good.


So, I decided to create Agro-Naba because, although I never show my face, I feel that this page is truly my face! It represents what I like to do the most: being outdoors, in my backyard, with my animals, taking care of my plants and watching them grow! And how good it is to be able to share these passions of mine with people who feel the same as me!


But please don’t be fooled! The name I chose for this page is not at all ironic! I am a real NABA (silly) when it comes to agriculture, and only now am I beginning to realize that this activity has a lot to be said! … And everything is so new to me! Even so, I ventured to start my organic garden, because there is nothing better than being able to eat what we have planted and watched it grow.

But when will this fantastic idea come about? In January, in the middle of exams, bang! To relieve stress (and procrastinate the study), I looked for a pantry of potatoes, garlic and dumplings that were sprouting, and tried to
plant it in the soil. After that, I “attacked” all the seeds of legumes that I had at home to germinate them. Not satisfied with all that, I went to buy more seeds, plants to put in the vegetable garden and even fruit trees! And how funny it is that all is working out!


It all looks very beautiful and it looks like is really nice backyard, but again, please don’t be mistaken! My desire to do it is as great as my lack of knowledge in this matter. But don’t worry, my desire to learn is much, much greater than all of this combined!


And thanks to this account of mine on Instagram, I have to thank all the suggestions that I have already received which allows me to improve and also thank all the support of those who are enjoying the way my page is germinating! Thank you for making me so happy to be myself!


I hope that one day I, also, can give advice to other people! But until then … I still have a lot of agribusiness to do!


Best regards,

Beatriz Martins, an Agro-Naba 🙂

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